“The word P’aedt translates roughly as ‘he who climbs the tree of knowledge, only occasionally falling’, a surprisingly apt metaphor for scientific advancement in human history. Many notable scientific experiments have had horrifying effects on human civilization. The P’aedt have had only one fall from the tree of knowledge, and that is P’ar Aed. Some of the effects of their early experiments left this planet a polluted nightmare of a world. It is precisely for this reason that the P’aedt have claimed this world as their homeworld. They wish to remind themselves that they are no better than any other group of scientists from anywhere else in the galaxy, or from any other period of human history, for they too have a black mark. While a great deal of technological research goes on here, most research on this planet is directed to repairing the damage that they have done.” ― Landing description for P’ar Aed from Escape Velocity: Nova

There is a category of brokenness that elicits an emotional response from me. I experience a kind of mental pain when faced with the chance of these things remaining in that state. I can spend surprising amounts of time working on these problems. The energy and motivation I get from this is unparalleled by other sources, especially when I am the cause of my own trouble.

The word 正直 (zhèngzhí) in particular usages refers to an absence of deviation and excess, translating literally as “honest” and “obedient”. This site is about the types of brokenness that drive me the most, and the zhèngzhí I look for when finding their solutions.

I am a build, test, and release engineer at Intel. I specialize in automating continuous integration workflows.

Talk to me about

- Build systems
- NixOS / Nix / Nixpkgs / Tvix
- Docker and Buildkit
- Amateur radio
- Jodo and Shindo Muso-ryu (come practice with me!)
- ThinkPads (my daily driver is a T60!)
- Furry stuff


- GitHub: lisanna-dettwyler
- Discord: Lis#3578
- Telegram: @FluffyRoarer
- E-Mail: l​isanna.d​ettwyler@g​mail.com (hidden characters present, don’t copy/paste)
- Fax: +1 (30​1) 5​30-2​405
- 2m/70cm call: KD3RGN
- Echolink: KD3RGN@247014
- FurAffinity: lisanna

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